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On December 5, 2011, five young lives were lost in a tragic automobile accident in New Oxford, Pennsylvania.  Those five high school students had spent that day, and much of their lives, happy and serving others.  Oscar Banda, Anthony Campos, Diego Aguilar, Chelsea McFalls, and Casey Sheridan are loved and missed by countless family, friends, classmates, and neighbors.  This group of friends was bound by a love of soccer.

This tournament was created by the families of these students as a way to memorialize them and pay homage to the sport they loved so dearly.  Boys and girls soccer teams, at the high school level, are invited to participate in this two-day tournament that exemplifies a sense of community and dedication to sportsmanship.


The families of Anthony, Casey, Chelsea, Diego, and Oscar wish to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone that in some way helped to make this tournament possible.  We, the families, started this Memorial Tournament as a way to remember our 5 angels, but also to give back to the community that stood behind us, held us up, and have been there for us.  The tournament is not only a way for all of us to remember these five remarkable young people, but to honor them and what better way then to gather fellow high school soccer players for two days of games, friendship and a little competition.  The profit from this tournament will go directly to benefit the New Oxford High School soccer program which our five children were so proud to be a part of, so that many other young adults can participate in the sport that was a love and passion of our five angels.


Anthony Campos Family, Casey Sheridan Family, Chelsea McFalls Famiy, Diego Aguilar Family, & Oscar Banda Family


Tournament Location

101 Kindig Lane

Hanover, PA 17331

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